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  • Easy

    Synchronize your data easily between multiple devices.
  • In your hands

    Keep the control over your data in your hands! Do not confide your data to companies spying on you. SubShare is free software. You can verify the source codes yourself to ensure that the software does what it claims to do.
  • Fast & elegant

    Synchronize your data in a fast and elegant way.

Welcome to SubShare!

SubShare is free software synchronizing your files between multiple devices.

Its primary focus is on reliability and security. We try our best to make sure you never encounter data loss and nobody but you can access your data.

At the same time, it is very easy to use. Get started now!

SubShare synchronizes your data

SubShare follows the Unix principle "Do one thing and do it well." Therefore the feature list is pretty short: Synchronize files and directories between computers.
However, even this one single task involves many details: Cloudstore is...
  • ... fast
    SubShare copies only modified data. If a file is not modified, it is not copied. If a file is large and only a small part of it is modified, only this small part is copied. If a file is moved or renamed, it is not copied over the network - instead, the move operation is imitated on all remote repositories.
  • ... secure
    SubShare uses strong encryption and a sophisticated, password-less authentication mechanism. Read more about this on the Security page.
  • ... easy to use
    Due to its unique approach to security, the initial setup is done in a few seconds (no cumbersome password management). And once set up, SubShare synchronises data in the background. You don't need to do anything, anymore.
  • ... robust
    SubShare does everything possible to prevent data loss: For example, it detects collisions and resolves them; also if a data transfer is interrupted, SubShare resumes it later.
  • ... flexible
    Synchronise a repository with as many other repositories as you want. You can synchronise a sub-directory only, too (e.g. sync only a small part of your server's huge repository to your notebook).
  • ... test-driven and clean code.
    Fellow developers might appreciate that SubShare is test-driven and - please see for yourself - clean code.